UNESCO world cultural heritage sites in the Czech Republic

Welcome to the Czech Republic, the architecture heart of Europe. You can find twelve of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Lands have been at the crossroads of Europe for thousands of years. The Czech Republic holds unparalleled status as a leading historical destination.

The Czech Republic is characterized by its fairytale-like cities and towns, red-tiled villages, riverside streets made of cobblestone, historic spa resorts, remarkably-pretty market squares, baroque churches, renaissances palaces and expensive decorated gardens. Beautiful landscape is dotted with the most castles and chateaux per square mile of any country in the world!


12 UNESCO world cultural heritage sites Czech Republic


Historic Centre of Český Krumlov, Czech Republic UNESCO (1992)

Gardens and Castle at Kroměříž, Czech Republic UNESCO (1998)

During the summer, Kroměříž Gardens remind the Garden of Eden and represent a perfect symbiosis of light, plants, water, art and architecture.