Studies in Czech Language

University studies at public Czech Universiteis are free of charge (zero tuition fee) if you study in Czech language.


Studies in the Czech Language are free of charge

Applicants who wish to study in the Czech Language will have to demonstrate a B2 Level of knowledge (according to the CEFR) by the time of Entrance Exams. Students also present a legalized validation of their final graduation certificate or diploma as well as a list of all studied subjects with a number of hours and results.

Prospective students pass the Entrance Examinations in the Czech and study under the same conditions as Czech students and earn free tuition.

All preparatory courses offered by ICETT consist of Czech language lessons and/or professional core subjects to prepare you for Czech Entrance Examinations for a chosen University. Students who go through our Preps can apply to any university in the Czech Republic. Being admitted to a University allows you to get a long-term visa.

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