Preparatory Courses


Preparatory Courses are professionally run courses that will increase your chances of admission to Universities in Bachelor, Master or Doctoral study programs and further successful study.

Thank you for choosing ICETT to prepare you for your studies at University in the Czech. Teacher and Lectures of ICETT are well experienced and prepared to do the best for you and your University admission. In our Preparatory Courses we work in small groups, so you can get an individual care. We evaluated your results and progress at the beginning and during the whole course. You get personal advice how and what to improve for you success. Our Study Advisors also help you to choose the right University for you and help you with the preparation of all admission materials.


We are very proud that we can say that our students are very successful in university admissions and at Entrance Exams.

The average success rate of our students is over 90%! At Technical Universities it is even 95% and at Faculty of Pharmacy it is 100% !!!

Your path starts by selecting the language in which you want to study:

Studies in Czech Language

University studies at public Czech Universiteis are free of charge (zero tuition fee) if you study in Czech language.

Applicants who wish to study in Czech Language will have to demonstrate B2 Level of knowledge (according to the CEFR) by the time of Entrance Exams. Students also present a legalized validation of their final graduation certificate or diploma as well as a list of all studied subjects with number of hours and results.

Prospective students pass the Entrance Examinations in Czech and study under the same conditions as Czech students and earn free tuition.

All preparatory courses offered by ICETT consist of Czech language lessons and/or professional core subjects to prepare you for Czech Entrance Examinations for a chosen University. Students who go through our Preps can apply to any university in the Czech Republic.

Studies in English Language

Applicants who choose to study in English are obliged to pay a tuition fee, usually per a semester or per an academic year. Tuition fees in Czech universities ranges from $1.000 USD to $15.000 USD per year. The tuition fees depends on the course and university of your choice. Prices can be found on websites of the respective universities and faculties.


General requirements for admission to Prep Course:

With the application you have to provide:

1) Official secondary/high school certificates

  • leaving certificate or school graduation certificate,
  • study reports from each study year – list and full description of all taught subjects with the grades obtained and weekly number of lessons)

Before coming to the Czech Republic all the required certificates have to be officially validated (for the University)

2) Certificate of medical fitness

3) With the exception of native English speakers and graduates from Study program in English, applicants have to demonstrate their proficiency in English

4) CV anc Cover letter.


Study Centre – Plzen


Our study centre in Plzen is situated about 90 kilometers (56 miles) west and of the Czech capital Prague. The University city Plzen is the fourth most populous city in the Czech Republic. It offers preparatory courses for all specialization.


Why Plzen


University city Plzen will offer you pleasant and friendly atmosphere. There is everything you need for your comfort study stay including entertainment and free time activities. We are aside from the big distraction of the Prague centre so you can focus on achieving your goal, and that is the successful admission to the University. And if you want to experience a little bustle of the capital city, you are in Prague in one hour and less than 4 USD.


Great Synagogue in Plzen, Czech Republic