Language Courses

The Language Courses offers flexible opportunities to learn a new language or improve your skills in speaking, reading and writing.

Our language courses are carefully designed for our students. Our lessons are focused on the language that is required for communicating in real situations and therefore will concentrate on speaking and listening. The lessons include whole class activities and pair or small group work, role play, watching videos and listening to extracts of the spoken language.

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Why to choose ICETT Language Courses


We teach you to speak and actually use the language. Everybody can learn foreign language even that one who think he cannot. We convince you by using a friendly and playful way.

Our language courses will prepare you for international language exams, business meetings, graduation exams, professional exams and situations encountered in everyday life. All our language courses are conducted by top quality, experienced and carefully selected teachers with the appropriate education. Specialized courses (e.g. medical, business etc.) are taught by teachers specializing in the given subject.