Welcome to ICETT International Centre for Education, Training and Travel, Czech Republic

Welcome to ICETT, International Centre for Education, Training and Travel, Czech Republic.


 We have been dealing with higher education since the New Millennium 2000 and with the education itself since 90s. Our first Exchange Student went to study abroad in 2005.

 The ICETT, Czech Republic is a not-for-profit educational institution.

ICETT Mission

The ICETT Team consists of enthusiastic and skilled people, who have foreign and study-abroad experience themselves. Therefore we know how is it difficult to come to a totally new environment and study abroad. Our students don´t feel lost as they would feel by coming to a huge University “Factory” first. Also parents of our youngest students consider us as a kind of insurance that their beloved children are not at that distance alone and lost and have someone like a family member to take care of them.

We do not provide only education and training but also an essential additional background service.

Your goals are our goals.

Your success is our success.

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Why to choose ICETT

Prep Courses

Czech colleges and universities have been increasing the numbers of international students and most of the international students study for a full undergraduate or graduate degree.

System of education and demands on students at entrance university level in the Czech Republic are different from many foreign countries. Students sometimes feel to be excellent in their home countries, and surely they are, come to entrance exams to the Czech Republic and experience a deep disappointment by a failure not being admitted. And they lose one year at least.

Do not waste your time, energy, money and hopes. You will surely succeed, but you have to be well prepared and know how things works in the Czech Republic.

Why to choose ICETT Professional Courses

Do you want change your career but do not have the necessary qualification? Find your job in the Czech Republic, Europe or anywhere you want as a SKILLED WORKER.

We are not an employment agency, we will not get you a job, but we will guarantee you accomplished preparation for professional qualification and certificate. The qualification standards of our courses were prepared by the Sector Council for Other Services. It has been established and licensed for this activity by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

ICETT also offers to gain qualifications which are necessary for permission to start your own business.

Why to choose ICETT Language Courses

We teach you to speak and actually use the language. Everybody can learn foreign language even that one who think he cannot. We convince you by using a friendly and playful way.

Our language courses will prepare you for international language exams, business meetings, graduation exams, professional exams and situations encountered in everyday life. All our language courses are conducted by top quality, experienced and carefully selected teachers with the appropriate education. Specialized courses (e.g. medical, business etc.) are taught by teachers specializing in the given subject.

With ICETT to University

We will prepare you for your Entrance Exam to your chosen University.
We help undecided students to select the most suitable study program and estimate the chances of acceptance.
We help you with preparation of all necessary documents.